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ADcelerum Digital Agency is a marketing agency started a few years back by Mutu Nicolae-Dan. The ideea for the agency came as a result of passion and need to explore different advertising processes for clients that want to promote their business more efficient in the online space or want to penetrate for the first time the online environment with their product or service.

OUR philosophie

A few ideeas that defy our business in general

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Value is what we want to bring to your business. Value for some may be clients, more fans on social media or brand awareness, what interests you the most we are activ perusing. Our transparency and ease of communication makes the hole process a lot simpler and without hassle. Most of our processes are internalized and you are speaking directly with  team  member. No 3rd parties involved in the communication process. 

We believe in a opened sincere approach. If we have something to object we want to make sure that you are getting our honest opinion, no bs or misleading information just to make the client pay more. Your product or service will always get the best treatment and ADcelerum gets involved on the deepest level making sure that the market trends are understood, the forecasts are realistic and the consumer gets what hes paying for.

ADcelerum doesn’t sell promises or abstract reflections of the future. We are selling our expertise and understanding of the online space in order for your brand to thrive.

What we know

In terms of marketing, development and consulting

Web Development 75%
Business consulting 87%
Social Media Marketing 90%
Online marketing 93%
Offline marketing 70%
Graphics design 80%
Tech consulting 90%
SEO 95%


We have more then



Proficient in the following

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