Reduce jpg size online up to 80% fast & easy


If you are a non-experienced in the online space there is a thing called jped compression.

Jped compression basically strips some information from the image and/or rearranges the pixels in such a way that you don’t loose that much quality from the image.

Why do you need to reduce jpg size in the first place?

Even though JPEG or JPG witch is the more popular abbreviation of the format, is a compressed image format in some cases in websites you need to reduce the file size for some technical reasons.

Some of the motivations to reduce JPEG file size may include:

  • improve website loading times
  • reduce disk space usage
  • include more images in your posts

How to reduce jpg size offline?

To reduce image size on your Desktop/Mac environment you just have to downgrade the quality of the exported photo.

The grand majority of photo editors offer this option but in some cases its not that advanced and you end up trading to much quality for size.

Also you can use a Windows app like Caesium.

How to reduce jpg size online?

In our days its more efficient to use a cloud app. No installs, no space needed on your PC.

From my experience, the best online apps for reducing jpeg sizes are:

  • Squoosh (the most complete image compressor)
  • Optimizilla (simple and fast)
  • TinyJPG (i never used it)

All apps support also .PNG files and offer you different types of granular control over the quality and size.

The most advanced one in the list must be Squoosh because it lets you pick different types of compression algorithms and it does a fairly good job at downsizing the image without a big compromise to the quality.

Also as a tip, make sure to upload only high quality photos in the program and then run the compression algorithm. Stay away from low quality images because the image compression software may afect the quality drastically.

Thats about it. If you have any questions please make sure to leave a comment below.

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