The best SEO plugin for WordPress and its FREE


WordPress is one of the most populare content management systems out there. The platforms popularity is due to its ease of use, a large number of companies/developers supporting it word wide and also for the huge number of plugins that are available online.

So if you are not experienced with WordPress at all you can learn it fairly quick and also buit a decent website in just a few weekend just with a few clicks.

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But after you’ve finished your hard work there is one thing you should take in consideration first: SEO.

SEO or Search engine optimization is one crucial skill set for your knowledge base in order to make your website recoverable by other people in the niche.

So its a must for all the websites on the web, not just yours!

But in order to do the optimization for your WordPress website, at least in the beginning, is kinda hard so you start the pursuit in finding the best SEO plugin.

Right now there are a number of SEO plugins that you can install on your page and in the fast few years i’ve tried them all to be honest.

Some of them have decent functionality and some are just not good at all.

But in the last couple of mounts i’ve been experimenting with a new plugin called RankMath.

RankMath is in my opinion one of or even the best SEO plugin for WordPress

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Why RankMath?

Well in my months of testing i’ve noticed that the plugin offers a large number of neat option for FREE (for most of them you are charger on other SEO plugins) this includes Rich Snippets for articles, videos, products or recipes.

In the tab where the plugin coexist with the content it shows a quick complete overview on how your article will look on Google.

It has the ability to automatically ad alt tributes for images that are uploaded to your site.

Nice support for local SEO. This is especially good if you run a business that also has a brick and mortar store. One some other plugins this particular function is available, but just with the paid version.

An Advanced 404 monitor and redirection tool that can help you see what pages are not working properly and how you can send the user to the right one.

And many, many more features.

You can import content from Yoast and All on One SEO with just a few clicks

To install the plugin just visit the WordPress repository.


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