The customer is always right and here’s why


On this planet, right in this second, there made at least a couple of thousand sales.

At the core of every business there is sale of some sort, thats why customers are so important.

Even if you have a large business and you are dealing with alot of middle man, those efforts move you closer and closer to your client and eventually to a sale.

But there is a question that sees the surface once in a while. A question that is regarding the core functionality of your business.

Why is the customer always right?

Well there are a lot of justifications and possible answers for this question but i will try my best to sum them up in a few simple words.

The customer is the outside perspective

Lets say that you have a candy store and every single week there is at least one customer that complains about the candy. Mainly the complaint is focused on the fact that the candy is „too sweet”.

You will get frustrated and ask your self if the customers has a point and get mad, or you could take a deep breath and find a way to see if there is a truth here.

The most logical way is to ask your customers if they want to taste a few samples and rate the experiente on a piece of paper in this way you will know if something isn’t right.

Because us, human beings, have a lot of receptor in our mouth we can perceive taste differently thus making the customer have a different perspective.

Its their money, not yours

You don’t make money from thin air!

You have to convince someone of your services or products in order to make the conversion.

This is a really important ideea that you must let it sink in.

So if someone is somewhat reserved to „invest” in your product or service, thei sure have the right to be, its their revenue that they earned though hard work and dedication (at least most of the time).

So its not that your product is not good or the prices too high, is their money and their interests must be fulfilled in a way or another.

Some of the features may be seen as problems

I had client once, a few years back, that needed a new website. I finished the project and the webpage looked great.

But on somepages because the buttons where not the right color (some essential call to action buttons) the customer wont click on them meaning that there wasn’t many conversions.

Although from a designer standpoint the webpage looked great and it flowed nicely.

A few mounts have passed and we were starting to get worried so we did a small poll with a few questions.

The grand majority of the voters told us that the website looked cool but the buttons where that visible (and i thought my design and logic behind it was bulletproof).

So on the next project that i took note and they where right. If i made the buttons a bit more accentuated people would be more inclined to click on them.


There are a lot of stories when the client is right and also when hes totally wrong. But the focus behind this question is the positive feedback not the non-sense that cannot be replicated.

When you think that something may be really wrong indeed with your business you should always seek advice from the outside. At first from people that are close to you and also from strangers that interacted with you and are not happy with a particular thing.

Gather the most data, analyze it and improve.

Whats your opinion on this topic? Leave a comment below please 👍


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