TOP 5 free WordPress blog themes that are fast and secure

free wordpress blog themes

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WordPress is one of the best content management systems out there. Around 60% of the worlds blog run it because of its ease of use, security and features.

Most of the time beginners will start their first blog running an free plan, afterwords they will move to their own hosting provider and install WordPress on their server.

Now starts the search for useful plugins, interesting features and none the least free wordpress blog themes that they can try and modify to their liking.

But in the vast universe of free themes themes by this point there are thousands of options only on WordPress’s own repository, not to mention other developers that ofer their own themes in a free and premium version.

And when you want to start your blog fast or migrate to your own hosting provider things might get a bit confusing.

In this article i will list top 5 free wordpress blog themes that we’ve used in the past and where happy with them. They are minimalist also and meant for small size blogs, if you want to create like a newspaper/magazine look im afraid that you must install other plugins to extend the features.

Most of the themes in this list use Elementor/Gutemberg as an page builder and also they might come in a premium version.

5. Hello Elementor

TOP 5 free Wordpress blog themes that are fast and secure 1

Hello its an WordPress theme developed by the team behind Elementor page builder.

Its lightweight and meant for higher customization. Also the performance across bowers and operating systems is really good.

One drawback of this theme is the fact that some pages are not styled and if you want to customize them you need a premium version of Elementor.

So if you are not willing to invest more in your project this might not be the best option for you.

4. Rife

TOP 5 free Wordpress blog themes that are fast and secure 2

Rife was my first theme back when i started by blog GeekChronicles.

The theme is lightweight, super fast and also it has support for Woocomerce in case you are interested in selling some merch to your followers.

I don’t know if the theme has official support for page builders but i can confirm if works great with Elementor.

Besides that you can install 3rd party plugins to extend the feature set of the theme without a major hit on performance.


TOP 5 free Wordpress blog themes that are fast and secure 3

Another favorite of mine is Kemet. A theme that is not that popular but its fast and minimal. Also with the right plugins you can convert it to a potent magazine or blog theme.

Standalone it suits blogs that are small in size and don’t necessarily have a lot of features but it can be adapted nonetheless.

Kemet also can be used to build awesome landing pages in case you are interested to promote different brands or products of brands.

The updates are not that frequent but at least the creators try to keep it up to date.


TOP 5 free Wordpress blog themes that are fast and secure 4

Hestia is a great free WordPress blog theme that ticks most of the boxes.

Its with some cool design features and functions, its fairly light and can be used in conjunction with the grand majority of page builders, you can optimize the performance with a 3rd party plugin without problems and because of its popularity it is updated on a regular basis.

The theme also has integration with Woocomerce.


free wordpress blog themes

One of the most popular free wordpress blog themes it must be Astra. On WordPress repository it has more then 700.000 downloads and its updated regularly.

Astra also comes with a preamium version that further extends the modules and blocks.

This theme because so popular in the last couple of years thanks to the power of marketing and also because of its molecularity.

Basically you can create a blog with the theme and also a online store without any problems.

Conclusion time

Those are some of my favorite WordPress themes that can be used with blogs of any kind.

They are lightweight, fast and easy to work with. Also some of theme offer a ton of features compared to themes that require you to purchase them.

Are they perfect? No, no theme is perfect. The perfect theme is that witch is built from the ground up so it has only the features that you need.

So please tell me in the comment section below if you tried one of the themes listed above on your project or if you are using or know other free wordpress blog themes

I’m waiting to read your opinion.


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