Why Facebook Ads? Here are 5 reasons


Facebook Ads is the business side of the company. The tech giant has multiple channels how it generates revenue and paid advertising is one of them.

Facebook Ads Manager is the backside of the Facebook ecosystem that lets you tunein a large amount of details regarding you advertising campains

But there are a huge number of advertising services from witch you can choose why Facebook Ads insted of others?

In this article i will try my best to list 6 reasons why Facebook Ads may be the right advertising platform for your business.

But lets not waste more of your time and get straight to business.

1.Facebook Ads are fairly affordable

Compared to other advertising platforms such as Linkedin or Google, the Facebook Ads ecosystem its fairly affordable.

So you can reach a decent amount of people with just a few €.

Also if you are optimizing audiences you can build one that is solid in terms of conversions and also at at low price per conversion.

Thats the main reason alot of companies around the world switched their focus to Facebook Ads.

2.The ads interface is easy to use

If you just have a small business at first its not feasible to hire a marketing agency to handle all of your advertising needs. So you second option is to handle your ads personally, thus Facebook ads represent a easy to use, straightforward way to promote your business.

You can find all the information you need right on the ad type page if you feel stuck and also there are well documented explanations on how to setup a basic ad on their Facebook Ads Support page.

3.A lot of display options and ad types

Facebook in compassion with Google, Linkedin or other advertising platforms has alot of display option and by „display options” i mean that they have a lot of versatility in the way you are presenting your products/services to the consumers.

From the basic in news feed ads, now you have Messenger Ads, In video Ads, Ads on articles that use Facebooks Instant Articles and even custom canvases for mobile devices that you can buid from scratch. Also lets not forget Instagram that is owned by Facebook and its tied in the Facebook Ads ecosystem.

4.Large amount of potential clients

Now there are more then 1.8 billion Facebook accounts. If we count in also duplicate accounts and fake accounts we still remain with somewhat around 1.2-1.5 billion.

Thats a big number!

Imagine that in your country at least half use Facebook, so you have the real possibility to target a large portion of your countries population with just a few clicks.

5.Advanced remarketing

If you have setup a Facebook Pixel its super easy to show targeted ads just for those that interacted with one of your posts.

In this way you increase exponentially the probability for conversion. The user will recall you ad and maybe in the process he already added something to cart or wishlist remembering that he must finish the purchase.

Bonus reasons

6. Facebook advertising can increase offline sales

You can show ads only for people that are near your show or directly in the shop (lets say that you have the stored opened in a Mall or large comercial center). In this way its super easy to target the consumer with special offers or discounts.

7. More website traffic

Buying website visits directly from Facebook its super cheap compared with Google or Linkein. Thus making it a good investment for your brands awareness. Just a few euros a mouth can boost you trafic by a significant margin in some cases.


There are a multitude of ways you can utilize Facebook to promote your products or services.

Its one of the largest, easy to use and wide spread advertising platform in the world. Those attributes alone should be enough to get you started with Facebook Ads.

But if already tried and think its not working with for you, try again.

Also you can hire us to do all the hard work.


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