Privacy policy

Last update: 21.02.2019


„US” , „OURS” , „ADcelerum”, „ADcelerum Digital Agency” – the terms refer to ADcelerum Digital Agency as the legal data manager

„YOU”, „CLIENT”, „PROSPECT” – the individual or entity that is willing to have or is already having a comercial relationship with ADcelerum

„PERSONAL DATA” – all the data submitted via email or contact form that contains a name, email address, phone number, location, country, age, gender

„ENCRYPTED” – a form of data protection that uses hashes methods to make the information hard to decode



By entering our website some basic non-personal information are collected in the form of cookies and tracking ids. Those parameters are stored in .TXT files in your browser. Those parameters stored as cookies or tracking ids are not storing information that can directly show your exact identity.

All the data saved on your computer as cookies / tracking information are used by a large variety of websites and are strictly used to improve your experience on the page and on some occasions to show you some relevant advertising.


By sending us an email or a contact forum we will receive some personal information.

This info may include: email, name, phone number, location, age, gender, date of birth.

Those data points help us understand better how we can contact your in the near future.

We do not sell, share or make public any personal information that you are submitting to us via email or contact form.


From time to time you may receive some interesting email regarding offers or potential opportunities for you or your business.

At any point in time you can request to be removed from our emailing list. There will be a button in the footer of the email or you can just contact us directly.


Your personal data is not shared, previewd or sold to other entities or individuals.

We respect that fact that you decided to interact with us and we are keeping our integrity in terms of client privacy and client data protection.

The only legal data processing company is Ulduman Global ltd. (the mother company for ADcelerum Digital Agency).

Ulduman Global ltd. is a romanian based firm based in Bacau, Romania.

It specializes with e-commerce solutions, services, B to B and B to C products and services.


The website is secured via an SSL certificate and all the traffic is encrypted. All of your personal data is stored on our secure servers without and only the authorized personal have acces to it.

As we speak we are developing new ways for storing information, fast and secure.


If you are submitting an email or a contact form the data is kept for an undetermined period of time.


We may update the terms and conditions periodically, so its advised for you to check this page regularly.  In some situations we send an update regarding the changes that where made (major updates or minor updates).