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Online marketing

For medium and small companies

Facebook Ads

Setting up ads for the best cost & results possible on your product or niche

Instagram Ads

Visual and engaging ads for your audience to like, share and take action

Google Ads

Effective strategies that drive conversions and a low cost per click

Linkedin Ads

Ads that are like a magnet for other businesses or potential partners

Custom templates

Your ads will stand out from the competition based on our custom graphics


Before we get to work we must define our propose and shape the path


Show ads to those that already interacted with your products or services, increasing sales

Other tech

Chat bots, email marketing, browser notifications and much more

When you create a marketing campaign the best way to present a product or service to a consumer is by bringing them value first then asking for the sale. In this way the consumer get accustomed to you and doesn’t feel the pressure to make a commitment right away.

Newage marketing


Lower ad costs and more conversions

For the grand majority of our clients

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Average sales increase
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Average lower cost for acquiring new clients
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Less money spent on ads


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