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Top 5 free WordPress themes for 2019

Top 5 free Wordpress themes for 2019 1

I think as of now WordPress is the number platform in the world for building fast, responsive and secure websites.

This fact is based on numerous factors, but most of them are related to the core of the platform. WordPress is an easy to use, fast to implement and flexible solution if you want a modern and low on resources webpage.

But as you may have notices the grand majority of the themes available in the theme repository aren’t that great.

Well…they are available for free after all right?

Yea, they are free but also have a premium version if you want more features and in most cases you will need a premium version.

Lets ignore for a second the „premium updates” and focus on the top 5 free WordPress themes that i recommend you try in 2019 or later.

I think 4 of the 5 themes ive tested them personally and also implemented them for some clients.

The focus for themes will be simple:

  • they need to be relatively frequently updated
  • they are based around a page builder
  • modern look and easy to work with
  • theme options (they are not mandatory though)

Lets start with our first theme in this top 5 free WordPress themes article.

Hestia (FREE)

Top 5 free Wordpress themes for 2019 2

The theme is somewhat light and has a few nice features, the design is modern and responsive for mobile devices, you can easly change the colors via „Aditional CSS” option in WordPress, it has support for Woocommerce, Megamenus and its built around bage builders like Elementor.

ShoppingCart (FREE)

Top 5 free Wordpress themes for 2019 3

Most of the free WordPress themes for Woocommerce are pretty bad. Not only that they don’t offer a decent amount of options but they are poorly optimized and have a dated look. Not the same things can be said about ShoppingCart. The theme has a nice design, you can import different type of layouts and its SEO friendly.

Phlox (FREE)

Top 5 free Wordpress themes for 2019 4

Phlox is a versatile theme that can be used for online shops, business pages and portfolios.

It has the option to use Elementor page builder, a number of built in plugins and somewhat easy to customize.

Also you can browse the numerous templates available for free.

Airi (FREE)

Top 5 free Wordpress themes for 2019 5

This one is probably my favorite theme from the list. It has the most complete set of functions from all the available free WordPress themes i’ve tested in the past and you can build a nice looking website with a bit of patience.

Page Builder Framework (FREE)

Top 5 free Wordpress themes for 2019 6

If you want a clean website, without any ”bling bling” this theme might be for you. Because its so lightweight it loads super fast and it scores on the top for the majority of web tests.

Also its compatible with the majority of page builders.

Did a miss a theme? You can leave your comment below, also if you need help in building/optimizing your WordPress site you know where you can find us.

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