Facebook Ads 2019: How to create a simple ad?

facebook ads 2019

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the work as of now. The company has billions of personal and business accounts in its portfolio. The basic principle of Facebook is that it facilitates dialogue among loved ones, businesses and governmental agencies.

Having such a large user base the Facebook ecosystem its a heaven for advertisers. Basically it allows showing ads to a large audience with a relatively low cost per result (this is somewhat dependent on the niche that you are displaying ads to).

Sounds cool right? Large audience, low cost but how to create a simple ad for Facebook?

In this article will discuss just that. I will try to make it as simple and non-technical as possible so everybody can have a try and see some positive results.

Note: running just an ad wont bring you and instant sale or instant awareness of your brand. You need time, patience and a strategy in order to see some results. This is a medium to long term method of promoting your business.

First you need to create a Facebook account and login

This is the first step you need to take in order to be able to run ads on the Facebook platform. If you dont have an account the registration process takes just a few seconds.

Enter the Ads Manager section and add a credit card

The link to the Ads Manager section is this one also some bulling information is required in order to be able to run ads.

Here are the settings you need to fill in.

Create your first ad

Go back to Ads Manager and click the big green button placed on the left side of the screen.

After clicking the button the ad types are split into 3 sections:

  • Awareness (make your brand a bit more popular visually in the hops that you will stimulate conversion when the client is exposed to a choice)
  • Consideration (stimulate the consumer to take a possitive action that translates into a like, share, comment)
  • Conversion (make the consumer consider purchasing your product/service right away or within a period of consideration)

Also each section has different tipe of ads that are explained really well by Facebook. You just need to hover your mouse button on top of the info icon.

Now choose the objective that meets your needs, scroll down give it a name and click Continue.

Note: some abjectives may require some specific settings like choosing a Facebook pixel or where you want your traffic to land

Now you will see the Audience setting with the ability to choose the location where the ads are shown, the age of the individuals that you are ads are shown, the gender, language and some interests that are at the detailed targeting tab.

Here you must fill all the information you know regarding your customer. The more you know about them, the better your ads may perform.

Note: its better to create different audiences to test witch ads are performing better based on the same ads image, text or objective.

The next option the the Placement option that lets you choose where are you ads shown on the users device. For start its better to let it on Automatic lacements. A more refined placement strategy is a strategy designed for advanced campaigns.

Buget & Schedule is where you can select you budgeting for the campaign. You can do with a fixed daily budget or a lifetime budget.

All the options that follow next is better to not touch them. They are meant for more advanced campaigns and users. Now you can scroll down and click Continue.

On the following page you will see the option for Creating a new ad or choosing an existing post on your page.

If you select to create a new ad you can input manually the image, text and the link where you want to client to land. This is the most common type of ad that we are running on our firm because it allows us to personalize the ad for better performance, when a post published on the page even though it has somewhat a similar role (to bring more clients to the website) maybe the image or the text will simulate a higher engagement rate that is not necessarily what we are looking for.

After setting everything up you can hit Continue and you are basically done. You just created the first ads for your business.

This is a overly simplified way of creating a Facebook ad and in most cases this type of configuration will have a positive impact on your business. But in order to maximize the results you need to learn the nooks and crannies of the platform, optimise your ads constantly and stay on top of your competition by planing ahead.

More information regarding Facebook Ads and how to set them up you can find here

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